Alaya is a social enterprise centred around healing. Not just for guests its a common theme and a core purpose for all who engage with the project.  Whether it's someone who visits an Alaya property, stays in a cabin, attends a class or is part of the team empowered to build our vision on the ground.  For those who also choose to host our cabins on their own property, you walk side by side in our journey of healing.

The talented team building our cabins comprise of a combination of skilled craftsmen and builders and Symbols of Hope trainees and apprentices gaining practical experience. Many of our team have overcome significant challenges to get to where they are today, and they are now part of a community and team that respects their journey and validates their resilience.

We seek to create a space where healing can be seen and felt in multiple ways. Guests, visitors and trainees experience healing by being immersed in nature and reconnecting with its' beauty and power. We respect the land Alaya is being built on and want to leave it better than we found it. For this reason we plan to create modular and mobile structures that can be moved around the property and to new locations. We will seek guidance from the traditional custodians of the land, the Dharug people and better understand what we can do to promote healing. We look forward to embody deeper healing, in any small way we can as we grow our community around this country.


The last few years has been very challenging for so many people in our communities. As a small way to offer some support to the many unsung heroes out there in our communities, doing invaluable work with vulnerable communities or also to address the many systemic challenges we all face - we are making space. They come from all walks of life, of all ages, backgrounds and are spread around the country. We are setting aside some time at our home ALAYA site to allow them to visit and take a short break. To heal. At no cost to them. No strings. To not only help them keep up their energy to achieve their goals but also to assist them in  retaining their sanity along the way. 

We can't guarantee every nominated hero will get a spot, but we always do what we can to accommodate as many people as possible.


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Thanks for your nomination. Our team is small but we will assess every nomination and be in touch as soon as we can.