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We encourage hosts to join our tiny community.

Our dream is to build an interconnected community around the country, where travellers can stay with confidence as we breakdown barriers and build new friendships. We welcome like minded community members who live in locations immersed in nature and can host our sanctuaries on their own property - embodying this shared vision.

The talented team building our cabins comprise of a combination of skilled craftsmen and builders and Symbols of Hope trainees and apprentices gaining practical experience. Many of our team have overcome significant challenges to get to where they are today, and they are now part of a community and team that respects their journey and validates their resilience.

We seek to create a space where healing can be seen and felt in multiple ways. Guests, visitors and trainees experience healing by being immersed in nature and reconnecting with its' beauty and power. We respect the land in which Alaya is being built on want to leave it better than we found it. For this reason we plan to create modular and mobile structures that can be moved around the property and to new locations. We will seek guidance from the traditional custodians of the land and hope to better understand what we can do to promote healing.

Talk to us about our flexible model that allows hosts to add one of our glamping tents or cabins to their property, with minimal or no investment depending on their preferences and situation.

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We want to build a national network of affordable, memorable and sustainable places to stay. Places to rest, to heal and to connect with nature. We hope to find people that share these aspirations and want to come with us on this wild journey!

B E C O M E   A   H O S T

If you would like to become an Alaya host and help to curate memorable experiences for our guests, we want to hear from you. We will also be looking to employ job seekers in regional areas who can thrive in a role that is flexible, fulfilling and empowering.

O U R    R E V E N U E    S H A R E    M O D E L

We're looking for beautiful places where Alaya can flourish. If you have a property and want to collaborate with us please get in touch. We are all about partnerships and our cabins were built to last , so we even have zero upfront cost models that will allow you to generate income from day one without having to spend a cent.

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